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Reader Submissions: Your Best Paris Cafe Photos


Much of the ambiance of Paris is owed to its thousands of cafes. Some are glossy and touristy, others hip and still others run-down, dusty tributes to a past guise of the city. What's certain is that Paris cafes have a particular way of inspiring ideas and conversation. Take a look at what cafes inspired fellow readers of About.com Paris Travel, then submit your own best shots taken from Parisian cafes.

Marais Cafe

Photo was taken 11/23/2011 while on a walk through le Marais. Nikon D90, f 2.9, 1/160, iso 400. The settings are such as street photography is a fast-action, one time opportunity to record a feeling …More

Les Deux Magots: Not Just a Place, a Lifestyle

Keeping my camera ready and being willing to shoot using the auto setting on my Cannon SD 800 Elph digital point-and-shoot. Take more shots than fewer, knowing I can save, erase, or modify when I get…More

On the Place d'Aligre

I had to get down on my knees to get this angle and give this impression of the tables marching away looking for the client. Once again using my Canon 18-200, eos 450d on aperture priority, I still h…More

Barmaid at the Monte-Charge

Using f6.3 to give a reasonable depth of field, and an ISO of 100 I then slowed it to 1/5 for the movement in aperture priority. The only lighting was from the windows around the bar and the camera w…More

Cafe Hopping: From Montmartre to Porte de Vanves

These photos were taken in the fall of 2008. Both were taken with existing light. All my photo's are point and shoot with my Canon Rebel XT on Auto setting. This camera takes awesome shots. I am just…More

Lasting Love and New Love

Photo was taken on our 40th Wedding Anniversary while in a small cafe on a Paris street in 2008. This cafe was below our hotel in a quaint Paris neighborhood within walking distance and ind the Champ…More

A Curious Place to Meet Up

This picture was taken on November 2009, Montorgueil street, Paris 2nd arrondissement.I was using a Panasonic DMC-LX3, great compact camera.Settings were: Exposure 1/30Aperture f 2.0Focal length: 5.1…More

Finding Inspiration at Les Deux Magots

The photo was taken in September 2009, at around 11 am in the St-Germain-des-Pres district. Visit, sit and have a coffee, at the Cafes Les Deux Magots and Flore where authors Ernest Hemingway and F. …More

Family and Friends Enjoy the Paris Cafe Scene...

This photo was taken during the summer of 2007. I was traveling with my two daughters on their very first trip to Europe, and to Paris. In the second photo, I was traveling with dear friends, and enj…More

From the Ile St Louis to the Right Bank

The photo was taken on a March trip to Paris, rainy and chilly but charming as always. The early morning is a wonderful quiet time on the Ile. My traveling companion and I are always up early to obse…More

Left Bank Cafe

The original photo was taken in August, 2009 while I was visiting Paris with my husband and daughter. We were walking through the neighborhoods along the left bank. It was early afternoon, and the li…More

Just Another Saturday in Paris

The photo was taken during the summer (2010) at Le Plein Soleil where I met a friend whom I hadn't seen in several months due to her travels. It is one of my favorite neighborhood cafés because …More

Coffee at Merce and the Muse

I took this photo just after the New York style cafe, Merce and the Muse opened, and in actual fact, this is a far cry from the cliche of an espresso at the zinc of an old Paris cafe. This is a hand …More

An existential conversation?

This picture is from Spring 2009 when I was traveling between Paris and London every week and before I moved to Paris permanently. It was important for me to carry a camera at all times because there…More

The Art of Living: At the Brasserie de l'Ile Louis

September, 2007 during Peter Turnley's "Streets of Paris" workshop. Having recently returned to my roots in black and white photography, I was looking to take my image making in a different direction…More

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