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How to Use Paris Public Transportation - Metro, Bus and RER


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The Paris Tramway - Lines, Routes, and Hours
The T-3 Paris tramway line.

The T-3 Paris tramway line.

Image: Mairie de Paris

A 21st-Century Revival

Paris had a tramway in the 19th century, which was subsequently dismantled and replaced with the metro. But a swelling city population and a need to connect Paris with its suburbs has led to the revival of the tramway in the city of light. With only one line, the T3 tram, running within Paris city limits, coverage is still limited and concerns mainly south Paris, but the tramway is expected to grow in the coming years.

You can ride the tramway using regular metro tickets and passes.
(See "Paris Metro Tickets and Passes" page for more info)

For itineraries on the Paris tramway, consult the RATP itinerary-finder page.

The T3 Tramway Line

The T3 tramway line has stops in Paris' 13th, 14th, and 15th arrondissements, and connects to the southeast suburbs.
The tramway stops at the following major stations (with some metro connections:)
  • Porte de la Chapelle (connects to M line 12)
  • Porte d'Ivry (connects to M Line 7)
  • Porte de Choisy (connects to M Line 7)
  • Porte d'Italie (connects to M Line 7)
  • Poterne des Peupliers
  • Stade Charlety
  • Cité Université (connects to the RER B line)
  • Montsouris (Parc Montsouris stop)
  • Porte d'Orleans (connects to M Line 4)
  • Jean Moulin
  • Didot
  • Porte de Vanves (connects to M Line 13)
  • Brancion
  • Georges Brassens
  • Porte de Versailles (Paris Convention Center); connects to M Line 12
  • Desnouettes
  • Balard (connects to M Line 8)
  • Pont de Garigliano (connects to RER C line)

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