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How to Use Paris Public Transportation - Metro, Bus and RER


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Paris Metro Tickets and Passes - What Kind Should You Buy?
Make sure to buy the Paris metro ticket or pass that suits your needs.
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Depending on the length of your stay, how much you'll use public transport, and whether you plan on day trips to places like the Chateau de Versailles or Disneyland Paris, you'll need to choose between single metro tickets or one of several passes. Below is a rundown of your options.

Important: Never purchase tickets from vendors on the street or hovering around the entrance to stations; these tickets might be counterfeited and could cost you later in fines and/or extra time and money spent.

  • Standard "T+" Metro Tickets

    Good for: One metro, RER, bus, or tramway ride within Paris (zones 1-2 only), including transfers. You may transfer from the Metro to the RER, but you must use a second ticket to transfer between Metro/RER and buses or tramways. In the RER, you'll need your ticket to exit the station. Always keep your ticket in hand.

    Note that special tickets are required for buses and trains traveling to and from Paris airports.
    See Paris Airport Ground Transport for more details.

    Current Prices (May change at any time):

    • 1 ticket: €1.70
    • 10 tickets (full price): €13.30
    • 10 tickets (reduced price for children under the age of 10): €6.65

    Purchase if: You're staying for a short time and will use public transport sparingly. You don't plan to take day trips.
  • The Paris Visite Pass

    Good for: Unlimited travel in Paris (Metro, RER, bus, tramway, and regional SNCF trains) and the greater Paris region, for 1-5 days. Also provides special offers at select museums, attractions, and restaurants.

    Paris Visite Pass Prices: For a list of current fares and details on how to use the pass, see this page.

    Choose if: You want to travel extensively around the Paris region. Choose the zone 1-5 card to see Versailles or Disneyland Paris, and 1-8 for greater coverage.

    Buy the Paris Visite pass direct at Rail Europe

  • Daily and Weekly Passes:

    Good for: Similar to the Paris Visite pass, minus special offers.


    • One day pass ("Mobilis"): €6.60 to €15.65, depending on number of zones
    • Weekly pass: Approximately €20-€45 Euros, depending on number of zones

    Good for: Unlimited travel in and around Paris, minus frills

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