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Paris in Two Days


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Dynamic Paris Day Two - Breakfast, Marais Walking Tour, and the Centre Pompidou
The Centre Georges Pompidou and its virtual bones and blood vessels.

The Centre Georges Pompidou and its virtual bones and blood vessels.

©2006 Ashley Byock

First stop: Breakfast at Aux Delices de Manon

Directions: Take Metro line 1 to the Saint-Paul stop.
The bakery is located at 129, Rue Saint-Antoine. Buy some buttery morning treats and you're set.
Tel: 33 (0)1 42 72 32 91

Next up: Marais Walking Tour

Directions: From the bakery, walk south down Rue Saint-Antoine; turn left on Rue de Fourcy. The street turns into Rue des Nonnains des Hyères. To your left, you'll see a majestic medieval residence, the Hôtel de Sens. The Marais walking tour begins here.

  • On this tour of one of Paris' oldest and most intriguing neighborhoods, you'll see the city's medieval roots, explore quiet passageways and grand squares, admire Parisian mansions or hotels particuliers, and see Paris' lively historic Jewish quarter, where gastronomic treats call from all corners.
  • Marais Walking Tour Directions

    Next stop: Beaubourg and the Centre Pompidou

    Directions: From Rue de Rosiers, turn left on Rue Vieille du Temple, then a right on Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie. Walk 5-10 minutes; cross Rue Saint-Bernard; walk onto Rue Saint-Merri. To your right, you'll see an imposing, brightly-colored building--this is the Centre Georges Pompidou, which houses a cultural center and modern art museum. You are now in the central neighborhood known as "Beaubourg", the heart of Paris cultural life.

    Things to see around Beaubourg:

    • The Stravinsky Fountain: This fountain on Rue Saint-Merri is one of Paris' oddest sculptures. Niki de Saint Phalle's "dancing sculptures" of animals and objects were designed as a tribute to Russian composer Stravinsky.
    • Try exploring Beaubourg's quirky streets: Rue Saint-Martin or Rue Quincampoix. Art galleries and vintage shops abound.
    • Visit the National Museum of Modern Art's stunning collection at the Centre Pompidou. Works by Picasso, Modigliani, and other modern masters await. The center also has a cafe, art bookshop, cinema, and public library to explore.
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