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Paris in Two Days


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Paris in Two Days - Introduction and Overview of the Itinerary
Musee d'Orsay
dierkschaefer/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

A Flexible, Fun, and Self-Guided Itinerary

A week or more in Paris is absolutely ideal to really get a sense of the city's fabulous sights and attractions, quirky neighborhoods, or gourmet spots.

But if you're only able to spend a couple of days in the city, or need an introduction to the city's best spots, this two-day self-guided tour of Paris will provide 48 full and exciting hours in the city of light. Who said a weekend in Paris was impossible?

The itinerary covers both the classic left bank (rive gauche) and the more contemporary right bank (rive droite), where students, artists, and immigrants forge a dynamic cosmopolitan center that has little to do with the Paris of postcards or sugar-coated Woody Allen films. You'll go away feeling like you've seen the city's highlights, and will be ready to explore in more depth next time around.

Itinerary Overview

Keep in mind that this itinerary is designed to be flexible-- feel free to pick and choose, and let your inspiration carry you if you stumble on something that's not on the itinerary. In some cases, we've given you a choice between two options-- a bit like the "choose your own adventure" novels you might have read as a child. Also please note that the author of this guide does not give tours herself: it's designed to be entirely self-guided! She does, however, welcome your feedback here.

Day One: Classic Paris



Day Two: The Dynamic Right Bank




  • Dinner and show at the Moulin Rouge, OR dinner and cabaret at A la Bonne Franquette
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