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Rue Montorgueil Neighborhood


Rue Montorgueil Neighborhood

Claude Monet, "Rue Montorgueil", 1878.

Public Domain

A Cheery Pedestrian Quarter:

The Rue Montorgueil neighborhood is a vibrant pedestrian area in the heart of Paris. One of Paris' permanent market streets, Rue Montorgueil boasts some of the best meat and fish markets in the city, along with renowned pastry shops like La Maison Stohrer, cozy bistros, boutiques, and bars diverse enough to please hipsters and traditionalists alike.

This district shows how even the busy center of Paris reserves village-like nooks. It also gives a picture of how Paris manages to be resolutely modern while preserving traditions such as family-owned fishmongers, cheese shops, and brasserie-bars.

Orientation and Transport:

The Rue Montorgueil neighborhood is a small section of the Châtelet-Les Halles district, located at the city center. North of Rue Montorgueil is the area known as the Grands Boulevards; directly south is the Saint-Eustache Cathedral and Les Halles.

Main streets around Rue Montorgueil: Rue Etienne Marcel, Rue Tiquetonne, Rue Marie-Stuart.

Nearby: Les Halles, Centre Georges Pompidou, Hôtel de Ville

Getting There

  • Metro:
    • Etienne Marcel (Line 4)
    • Sentier (Line 3)
    • Réaumur Sebastopol (Lines 3 & 4)

Rue Montorgueil Neighborhood History:

  • Rue Montorgueil's name translates literally to "Mount Pride" and was named after the hilly area on which the street was developed.

  • Historic houses decorated with elaborate ironwork can be found at #17, #23, and #25, Rue Montorgueil. Many of the buildings on the street also feature painted facades.

  • The area around Rue Mauconseil housed many historic theater troupes, including 16th- century playwright Jean Racine's.

  • Streets including Rue Dussoubs and Rue Saint-Sauveur date to the 11th century.

Le Tour Jean-Sans-Peur, a Medieval Must-See:

Only a few feet away from the metro exit at Etienne Marcel is a medieval-era tower known as the Jean-Sans-Peur.

This is Paris' only fortified tower. You can climb a spiral staircase to visit some of the tower's original rooms. The tower was erected in the early 15th century by "Fearless Jean", the Duke of Burgundy, notorious for having assassinated his cousin, the Duke of Orléans.

Contact info:

  • 20 Rue Etienne Marcel
    Tel.: +33(0)140 262 028
Admission: 5 Euros (approx. $6.50) (adults), 3 Euros (approx. $5)(children)

Eating, Drinking, and Shopping around Rue Montorgueil:

  • La Maison Stohrer
    51 Rue Montorgueil
    Tel.: +33(0)142 333 820
    Open: 7/7, 7:30 am-20:30 pm
    Closed: August 1st-15th

    La Maison Stohrer is one of the oldest and most prestigious of Paris' pastry shops. Posters featuring the house's world-class pastries, including the original "Baba Rum", can be bought all over the world.

    The Montorgueil shop is the original and dates to 1730. Come here to sample delicious classics like the réligieuse à l'ancienne: a mountainous series of cream puffs fashioned to look like a nun!

  • La Cocarde
    7 Rue Marie-Stuart
    Tel.: +33(0)140 390 509
    Closed: Sat. and Sun.

    Tucked right off Rue Montorgueil on another marble-paved pedestrian street, this little eatery is one of the area's best values.

    To eat: The menu features copious salads and traditional French dishes for under 10 Euros (approx. $13). The cozy atmosphere and friendly service from Bruno, the owner, is a plus, too.

    Reservations: Recommended. This spot is popular among locals.

  • Le Dénicheur
    4 Rue Tiquetonne
    Tel.: +33(0)142 213 101
    Open: 7/7, 12 pm-3:30 pm and 7 pm-12 am

    Le Dénicheur is one of the many odd and avant-garde spots on Rue Tiquetonne. Here you can procure a meal and shop for antique objects and jewelry at the same time. The antiques are displayed around the restaurant.

    Lunch menus range from 8.50 Euros to 10 Euros (approx. $11-$12).
    Dinner menus range from 12 Euros to 15.50 Euros (approx. $15.50-$20).

  • Impresario
    9 Rue Montorgueil
    Tel.: +33(0)142 337 99
    Hours: 11 am-7 pm

    This boutique features eclectic decorative objects, jewelry, and paintings from contemporary artists. A butcher shop formerly stood here, and you can see the traces of it.

    Bright colors and neo-kitsch design abound.

    Paintings range from 40 Euros to 500 Euros (approx. $51-$645).

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