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Travel Packages to Paris: Flights, Trains, and Deals


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Discount Cards and Special Offers for Travel to Paris

Students and seniors traveling to Paris can benefit greatly from purchasing a discount card. Even if you don't fall into the "right" age bracket, travel companies regularly advertise special offers for discount travel to Paris.

Discount Cards

  • Rail Europe offers discount cards for unlimited travel within France for students, seniors, couples, and frequent travelers. Several passes available.
    Find Rail Europe deals: Buy direct
    Rail Europe Youth passes (for travelers under 26): Buy direct
    Rail Europe Senior Pass: Buy direct
  • France's rail company SNCF offers a variety of discount cards for students, seniors, and frequent travelers. These cards, which allow for discounts of up to 50% off on train fare, are a good option if you plan to travel to several destinations within France, or if you travel to France more than once a year. In addition, SNCF discount cards can be used for reductions on Eurostar train tickets and even on airfare.
  • The Eurail Pass is a good choice if you're traveling to Paris as part of a larger tour around Europe. Available for travelers of all ages.
    Buy direct: Eurail Pass

Special Offers

  • The About Travel Center is a great way to look for the best up-to-the-minute deals in airfare to Paris.
  • Air France offers regular special flight and vacation packages to Paris from major cities in the US. (Book direct)
  • Find the latest deals for Eurostar fares here
  • The SNCF reservation page allows you to perform a custom search for last-minute deals. You can save up to 50% by purchasing last-minute tickets, or "PREMS". Keep in mind that these tickets are nonrefundable and non-exchangeable, though.

More Resources for Discount Travel:

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