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Montmartre, a neighborhood located at the summit of Paris, is one of the city's most poetry-drenched spots. The narrow, steep, cobblestone-paved streets, stairways, hidden gardens, cemeteries, and vineyards show that Montmartre was, until recently, a village in its own right, tucked away from the city. Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and countless other artists and writers worked their magic here.
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Montmartre Village AtmosphereSacre Coeur Basilica From the Bottom of the "Butte"Place du TertreWintery Impressions From Heights of Montmartre
Winding Montmartre StreetLa Butte de MontmartreMusee de MontmartreCafe Living in Montmartre
Madame Montmartre - Street MusicianNeo-Gothic ResidenceMan in the Wall Montmartre Eateries
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