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Pictures of Beaubourg and the Centre Georges Pompidou


Located smack in the center of Paris, the Centre Georges Pompidou is the heart of Paris cultural life. The center is located in a neighborhood known to Parisians as "Beaubourg". With its many charming streets, quirky shops and restaurants, ample cafe terraces, and original fountains, Beaubourg represents contemporary Paris at its best.
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Centre Georges Pompidou Under Dusky Paris SkiesAn Inside View of the Centre PompidouBHV Department Store Playing Chic at Cafe Beaubourg
Cafe Mezzanine at the Centre PompidouThe Centre Pompidou's Sloping PlazaTube-HappySunny Cafe Terrace Near the Centre Pompidou
A Seat With a ViewClowning Around Outside the Centre PompidouPerusing an Art Prints Shop Across From the Centre PompidouLe Defenseur du Temps Clock
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