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2009 Christmas Lights and Shop Windows at Paris Department Stores


Each year ahead of the holiday shopping rush, Paris's prominent department stores including Galeries Lafayette and Au Printemps pull out elaborate bells and whistles (sometimes literally) to dress store windows and facades with festive holiday lights and fantasy-inspired scenes. Taking a stroll to see the grands magasins (literally, "great stores") is one classic Paris Christmas tradition that you should try to fit into your schedule if you're visiting the city from mid-November to early January.

Without further ado, here are but a few impressions of 2009 Christmas windows and decorations at Paris department stores.

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We Want in ThereDior DivasBanquet for BearsPink Fantasy Fountain
Snowy Fun Fantasyland at Au PrintempsSweet Illusions Boulevard Haussmann in Night Sparkles
Jolly Times at PrintempsPop Divas and the Gingerbread ManLuscious but Inedible
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