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Eiffel Tower Restaurants

Scenic Dining in an Iconic Paris Spot


The Eiffel Tower is France's most-frequented attraction (over 6 million visitors in 2006), so you'd expect to find at least one noteworthy restaurant on its grounds.

If you're looking for scenic and romantic dining and are willing to pay steep prices for the unparalleled setting offered by the Eiffel Tower's two restaurants (one boasts a Michelin star) they are definitely worth a try.

Le 58 Tour Eiffel

Located on the tower's first level, Le 58 Tour Eiffel offers traditional French cuisine. Large windows afford views of the Trocadero area of Paris, as well as the elaborate metal design of the tower itself. Try to reserve at least two weeks ahead as it's something of a feat to get a table here.

  • Seats: 200 people
  • Fare: Traditional French cuisine
  • Bar: On ground level of restaurant; serving drinks and refreshments
  • Price range: Moderately expensive (around 65 Euros per person for set dinner menus)
  • Ambiance: Eclectic decor is both rustic and contemporary
  • Dress code: Somewhat dressy (avoid jeans and sneakers)
  • Reservations: required by phone or fax
  • Phone: 33 (0)1 72 76 18 46
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Dinner and Cruise Deals For Le 58 Tour Eiffel: The tour company Paris Trip is now offering a Seine River Cruise/Eiffel Tower Dinner package that includes pickup from your hotel, an evening boat sightseeing tour, and dinner at Le 58 Tour Eiffel, for around $150 (note that prices may change without notice).
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Le Jules Vernes Restaurant

Le Jules Vernes is a one-star Michelin restaurant located on the tower's second level, and is also a level up on the refinery scale. This is a traditional gastronomic French kitchen which happens to be run by world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse. The views of the city are remarkable from Le Jules Vernes, and the fare is reputed as excellent, though quite pricey. As can be expected, the Jules Vernes is booked solid most days, so try to reserve as early as possible, even weeks in advance.

  • Access: by private elevator (south pillar)
  • Fare: Gastronomic seasonal French cuisine
  • Wine: Wine list has good selection, some for under $40
  • Price range: Around $65 (lunch menu), up to $200 for dinner
  • Ambiance: Sleek contemporary decor, with striking views of the city and impressions of the tower's intricate metal latticework.
  • Dress code: dressy
  • Reservations: required by phone or fax
  • Phone: 33 (0)1 45 55 61 44 Fax: Fax: 33 (0)1 47 05 29 41

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