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Rue Montorgueil and Les Halles in Pictures


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Rue Montorgueil, Pedestrian Market Street - View from South End
Rue Montorgueil on a hazy March day.

Rue Montorgueil on a hazy March day.

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One of Paris' oldest market streets, and nestled in Paris' ultracentral 2nd arrondissement on the right bank (rive droite), Rue Montorgueil is a pedestrian-only zone lined with some of the city's best fish, produce, and fine grocery shops. Yet the are remains mysteriously overlooked by tourists, who often bypass it as they visit major attractions such as the nearby Centre Georges Pompidou or the old mansions of the Marais district.

The shopkeepers here are known for their enthusiasm and their old-world warmth, so when you visit you'll be sure to hear cries (or even songs) announcing fresh salmon, peaches, or cheeses on sale. Though Rue Montorgueil is in the smack-center of the city, it retains a small village atmosphere.

Metro: Etienne Marcel, Les Halles or Sentier -- look for Rue Montorgueil on the area map in the metro

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