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In Pictures: Highlights from the Louvre Museum in Paris


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Highlights from the Louvre Museum
The Louvre Museum and its glass pyramid.
Musée du Louvre ©moutarde

One of the biggest problems people encounter when visiting the gargantuan and tremendously rich Musée du Louvre in Paris? There's simply too much to see. Your mind can't possibly take it all in, so we've done some of the hard work for you, selecting some of the treasures in the collection and giving you a chance to get familiar with these ahead of your visit. Browse our gallery for inspiration, and remember, once there you shouldn't try to do and see everything!

Pictured Here: This view of the dramatic, sweeping plaza on which the Louvre's facade stands shows a strong juxtaposition between classical and modern architecture. The existing Renaissance-era palace, completed in the 17th century by Louis XV, served as the seat of French royalty until Louis XVI built Versailles.

The glass pyramid that now serves as the Louvre's entrance was designed by Chinese architect Ieoh Ming Pei and inaugurated in 1989. The 22 meter/72 ft glass structure is composed of 800 separate pieces of glass, assembled over an aluminum structure weighing 95 tons.

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