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Claude Monet's House and Gardens at Giverny


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An Iconic Site of Color and Peace
A footbridge at Monet's water garden at Giverny.

One of Giverny's iconic footbridges overlooking the water garden that would inspire the scenes of the "Nymphéas" series.

Ell Brown/ Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons License.

Celebrated impressionist painter Claude Monet spent nearly 43 years-- from 1883 to his death in 1926-- living in a house he had specially constructed in the peaceful locality of Giverny, about an hour from Paris and at the edge of the Normandy region of France. Today run by the Claude Monet Foundation, the painter's house and breathtaking gardens attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, who come to witness the iconic water garden and bridge which inspired some of Monet's most-loved paintings (including the water lilies series), enjoy the artist's collection of Japanese prints, or explore the brightly-painted and decorated rooms of the house. An excursion to Giverny makes an ideal day trip from Paris, and whether you're a dedicated admirer of Monet or one of the newly initiated, exploring the house and peaceful gardens will give you an especially intimate sense of the place which inspired so much of Monet's work.

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