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Musee Maillol in Paris


Museum Overview:

Opened in 1995, the Musee Maillol is consecrated to the work of Franco-Catalan sculptor and painter Aristide Maillol, best known thanks to the fact that many of his sculptures now grace the famed Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.

Founded by Dina Vierny, Maillol's partner and model (she also donated the statues currently gracing the Tuileries to the French government), the museum houses not only a large collection of works from Maillol himself, but also a collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures from other umportant artists of the 20th century. It's located in an elegant hotel particulier (a former private mansion) called the Hotel Bouchardon, which took some 15 years to renovate prior to the museum's much-awaited opening. It also hosts frequent temporary exhibits dedicated to various masters of the 19th to 20th centuries. Recent temporary exhibits have focused on artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.

This under-appreciated gem should be on the itinerary of anyone interested in the history of sculpture-- why not pay a visit here before or after visiting the nearby Musee Rodin, dedicated to another of France's greatest sculptors?

Please note that the museum is currently closed for renovations, but will re-open in mid-September of 2012. See below for details.

Location and Contact Information:

The museum is located in the stately and well-to-do 7th arrondissement (district) of Paris, not far from the Eiffel Tower.

59-61 Rue de Grenelle
Metro: Rue de Bac
Tel : +33 (0)01 42 22 59 58

Visit the official website (in French only)

Opening Hours and Tickets:

Open: The museum is currently closed for renovations, and will re-open on September 19th, 2012. Open daily from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm; tickets sold until 6:15 pm. Evening openings: Fridays until 9:30 pm (tickets sold until 8:45 pm.) Open on most French bank holidays.
Closed: Starting at 5pm on December 25th, January 1st (New Year's Day)

Tickets: The current admission price is 11 Euros (please note that this may change at any time).

Sights and Attractions Nearby the Musee Maillol:

Highlights of the Permanent Collection:

The permanent collection at the Maillol museum covers a vast surface area, with several rooms dedicated to the paintings and sculptures of Aristide Maillol, who was a student of the sculptor Bourdelle and an admirer of Auguste Rodin. Female nudes dominate Maillol's work; he is best known for his minute study of fleshy, rotund feminine forms.

Some of the more noteworthy works by Maillol in the permanent collection include sculptures such as "The Mountain", "Air", "The River"; statuettes like "Dina a la natte" (featuring the founder-muse once again). The collection also includes some of the artist's lesser-known paintings, drawings and pastels.

The Building: The Hotel Bouchardon

The museum and foundation is housed in several spacious rooms of an 18th century hotel particulier that is itself noteworthy in many respects. The exterior is decorated with a monument by French sculptor Edme Bouchardon (for whom the hotel is named) and entitled "The Fountain of the Four Seasons".

Many famous figures have passed through the Hotel Bouchardon, including French poet Alfred de Musset, who lived here between 1824 and 1840, or the French painter Baudry, who worked here.

Temporary Exhibitions

The temporary exhibitions at the museum are often of very high quality, and often draw large crowds, so showing up early in the day is generally advised.

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