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Musee Bourdelle Profile and Visitor's Guide


The sculpture garden at the Musee Bourdelle in Paris

The sculpture garden at the Musee Bourdelle is expecially pleasant in spring and summer.

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Musee Bourdelle Overview:

Dedicated to Emile-Antoine Bourdelle, the French sculptor, painter and photographer who worked during the late 19th century until his death in 1929, the Musee Bourdelle features numerous works from the artist, including sculptures, photography and drawings. The museum also examines Bourdelle's artistic influences and collaborations through his personal collection: works from the likes of Auguste Rodin and Delacroix, in addition to copies of Greek and medieval sculptures, demonstrate the artists' myriad influences. The sculpture garden is especially pleasant. Entry to the permanent collection is free.

Musee Bourdelle Location and Contact Information:

The Musee Bourdelle is situated in Paris' 15th arrondissement (district), in close reach of the Montparnasse area.

To access the Musee Bourdelle:
18 rue Antoine Bourdelle
Metro: Montparnasse-Bienvenue
Tel : +33 (0)1 49 54 73 73

Visit the official website (in French only)

Musee Bourdelle Opening Hours and Tickets:

Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Closed Mondays and French bank holidays.

Tickets: Admission to the permanent collections and displays is free of charge for all visitors. Entry prices vary for temporary exhibits: call ahead. Entry to temporary shows is free for visitors under 14.

Sights and Attractions Nearby the Musee Bourdelle:

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