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Paris Monuments and Historic Buildings

Paris may be one of the world's best-preserved cities. History is a walk around the block here, with stunning Paris monuments finding visitors wherever they venture. Come here to find information on Paris' best-known monuments and historic buildings, but also for picks of lesser-known, hidden nuggets of history around the city.
  1. Eiffel Tower (5)

The Paris Catacombs: See the Guts of the City
Some might find the Paris Catacombs genuinely creepy, while others will find the long tunnels filled with ossified remains of the anonymous dead fascinating from an archaeological and historical perspective. Learn all about this odd tourist attraction in our complete guide.

Notre Dame Archaeological Crypt
If you've already visited the iconic Notre Dame de Paris in Paris but neglected to reserve some time for a tour of the archaeological crypt at the Cathedral, consider visiting it next time around. The crypt is over 2,000 years old and reveals much about Paris history and its past civilizations.

Top Paris Cathedrals and Churches
Paris houses many of history's more stunning spiritual relics-- cathedrals and chuches that stand today as breathtaking testimonials to a complex heritage of Christianity that dominated in Paris from the fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. Many of these majestic cathedrals and churches fell into near-ruin in the wake of the Revolution, but revived interest in the 19th century broug…

Sainte-Chapelle in Paris
A profile and visitors guide to the Sainte-Chapelle chapel in Paris, France, one of the most outstanding examples of high gothic architecture and home to stunning stained glass and rose windows. The Sainte-Chapelle chapel also houses religious artifacts referred to as the Holy Relics.

Notre Dame Cathedral Profile and Visitor Information
A profile of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, arguably the world's most stunning gothic-style cathedral. Includes location and contact info, highlights, and visitor tips.

Notre Dame Cathedral Highlights
A guide to Notre Dame Cathedral's most interesting features, including a description of its facade, towers, and interior.

Arc de Triomphe Profile and Visitors' Guide
A profile and visitors' guide for the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, one of the city's most famous landmarks and a military monument built by the Emperor Napoleon in celebration of his "triumphs". The arch crowns the legendary Champs-Elysées at the west end of the broad avenue.

Visitor's Guide to the Paris Opera Garnier
A visitor's guide to the historic Paris Opera at the Palais Garnier, one of the city's most treasured opera houses and an architectural attraction in its own right.

Guide to St-Denis Basilica Outside Paris
St-Denis Basilica is often overlooked by visitors, but is a stunning medieval monument and home to the remains and effigies of dozens of French kings and queens-- a true must-see.

The Saint-Jacques Tower in Paris
The only remaining element of a church that once stood in central Paris, the St-Jacques Tower dates to the 16th century and recently underwent a dramatic restoration. The tower, which had become a public danger due to unstable stone elements prone to falling, was hidden under heavy scaffolding for years before being unveiled in its revamped glory in late 2008. It's once again become a major featu…

Most Famous Paris Monuments
A guide to the most famous monuments in Paris, France, including gems like the Arc de Triomphe, Sainte Chapelle chapel and the Palais Royal.

Is it Possible to Visit La Sorbonne?
Many tourists hoping to visit the esteemed Sorbonne University in Paris are disappointed to be turned away from the doors. But it is possible to visit the Sorbonne if you plan ahead-- find out how here.

Paris Tourist Office Monuments Guide
The Paris Tourist Office's guide to Paris Monuments, including a searchable thematic database.

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