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Top (Permanent) Market Streets in Paris


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Rue Mouffetard, Left Bank Market Street
Rue Mouffetard in Paris is home to tons of fresh produce and other products.

Rue Mouffetard in Paris is home to tons of fresh produce and other products.

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One of the oldest streets in Paris, with roots extending to pre-Christian Paris, the mostly pedestrian Rue Mouffetard houses a bustling, permanent street market at its southern end. Some of the city's finer fruit and vegetable vendors, fish and meat markets, fromageries and other specialty shops are clustered on Rue Mouffetard and the Square Saint-Médard.

While the area can be quite touristy, and the northern end near La Place Contrescarpe has unfortunately been populated with mediocre restaurants and cafes with inflated prices, the traditional open-air market here is still a pleasure to wander. After visiting the market, get a closer look at the Paroisse Saint-Médard on the eponymous square, a 16th century church designed in flamboyant gothic style.

Note that this spot is included in our Paris in Two Days itinerary.

Getting There: Metro Censier-Daubenton or Place Monge

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