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Top (Permanent) Market Streets in Paris


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Top (Permanent) Market Streets in Paris
Peaches on Rue des Petits Carreaux in Paris.

Peaches on Rue des Petits Carreaux in Paris, part of the Rue Montorgueil market district.

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In addition to dozens of temporary food markets that spring up around the city on select days of the week, Paris counts a number of permanent market streets offering gaggles of fresh, high-quality produce, fish and meat, cheeses and other goodies. These Paris street markets are usually situated on pedestrian-only streets, making them particularly pleasant for a leisurely stroll. Grab a basket or large bag, come with an appetite (you'll want to nibble on baguettes, pastries, fruit or other samples) and get acquainted with these permanent open-air markets, which are highly coveted by Parisians.

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