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Beaujolais Nouveau Season in Paris


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Beaujolais Nouveau Tasting Season in Paris: Overview and Info for 2013
At Le Vin en Tete for Beaujolais Nouveau tastings in 2011.

At Le Vin en Tete Wine Bar and shop in Paris.

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The French may not celebrate Thanksgiving, but on the third Thursday of November they find something of their own to be thankful for: wine. To be specific, the yearly vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau, an unpretentious, freshly harvested and often fruity red wine that comes from the southern half of the Beaujolais region. Across the country the French celebrate by drinking Beaujolais and enjoying the ensuing revelry that comes from enjoying too much wine, and in the nation’s capital many wine shops offer free tastings or "dégustations" of the Gamay wine, accompanied by snacks.

A Beaujolais tasting tour of Paris is not for the weak of heart nor for the low of tolerance, but for the brave and foolhardy it is an excellent and unique way to explore the city and participate in some great free tastings. See our guide to the , best wine bars in Paris for more suggestions on where to head this year and beyond.

Pictured here: Le Vin en Tête, a small chain of Parisian wine shops, led the celebrations this year. Each location offered "dégustations" of four varieties of Beaujolais Nouveau as well as an accompanying assortment of bread and charcuterie.

At their main wine bar, employees and customers worked together to fill bottles with Beaujolais Nouveau straight from the barrel. Inside, free tastings of the new vintage were offered while speakers blasted disco music, and an employee served up free cups of French onion soup from a large pot outside the bar.

Le Vin en Tête
53 rue Saint-Placide
Metro: Saint-Placide

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