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December Events in Paris

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December Events in Paris

Ice skating rinks set up around Paris are a favorite December activity.

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Sources: Paris Convention and Visitors Office, Paris Mayor's Office

Festivals and Seasonal Events:

Holiday Lights and Window Decorations in Paris
Starting in late November, Paris is bathed in sparkling holiday lights and elaborate window displays. For a little inspiration ahead of your trip, and to see what last year's displays looked like, check out our 2012 photo gallery of holiday decorations in Paris.

Ice-skating rinks
Every winter, ice-skating rinks are set up at several locations around the city. Admission is free (not including skate rental).

Where: Info on 2013-2014 ice skating rinks in Paris

Paris Christmas markets
Bring in the holiday cheer in Paris with special Christmas treats, vin chaud (hot wine), decorations, and gifts.
Get more info on 2013-2014 Christmas markets in Paris here

Hannukah candle lightings in Paris: Check this website for listings

The Autumn Festival:
Since 1972, the Paris Autumn Festival or "Festival de l'Automne" has brought in the post-summer season with a bang by highlighting some of the most compelling works in contemporary visual art, music, cinema, theater, and other forms. Through December 2013. Consult the official website for program details (in English)

Arts and Exhibits

  • Georges Braque
    Best known for his abstract paintings of guitars, Braque sometimes sits in the shadow of more well-known cubist artists, especially his collaborator Pablo Picasso. This fascinating retrospective at the Grand Palais promises to deepen popular understanding of-- and appreciation for-- his complex oeuvre of paintings, engravings and sculptures.
    Dates: Through January 6th, 2014
    Location: Galerie Nationale du Grand Palais

  • Paris: Disappeared, Restored
    This exhibit highlights Paris's archaeological foundations through a fresh curation of the Archaeological Crypt at Notre-Dame Cathedral. The newly renovated crypt is being displayed in a special exhibition in December that shows off long-buried remains of old Paris, from its Roman, pre-Christian era to the modernization of the 19th century.
    Dates: December 12th through December 31st, 2013
    Location: Archaeological Crypt at Notre Dame Cathedral

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