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Paris in June

Festivals, Fun, and Flash Thunderstorms


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Planning to visit Paris in June? If you want to see the city at its most bustling and cheerful, June is an ideal month to book your trip, and perhaps one of the better times for summer travel to Paris. Tourist season is reaching its peak and Paris puts on its best face as the top urban tourist destination, perhaps living up to its reputation as an open-air museum. If the prospect of encountering Paris in its tour brochure guise appeals to you and crowds don't irk you, Paris in June is for you. If, however, you tend toward claustrophobia, are looking to see Paris from a more local perspective, or want to avoid paying exorbitant prices for plane tickets or hotels, steer away from high season and wait until the fall or winter.

Why to Love It:

June usually brings on a laid-back, yet stimulating, mood in Paris. People are out and about, roaming the picturesque streets at a pace that looks languid to most North Americans, or nursing drinks on sunny terraces. June hosts several annual festivals worth attending, and when the weather permits, browsing Paris' often artistic shop windows in the city's best shopping districts can be memorable.

June in Paris is also an ideal time for exploring the city with someone special, so be sure to check out our guide to the top romantic things to do in Paris.

A Few Highlights (June 2014):

The June Thermometer

  • Minimum temperature: 13 degrees C ( 55.4 degrees F)
  • Maximum temperature: 22 degrees C ( 71.6 degrees F)
  • Average temperature: 17 degrees C (62.6 degrees F)
  • Average rainfall: 56 millimeters (2.2 inches)

How to Pack for a Trip to Paris in June

  • June in Paris generally has both brisk and hot days, with average temperatures at around 62 degrees F. Pack clothes that you can layer in case an unusually cool or hot day sneaks up on you. Bring light cotton clothes for sunny days, but also pack warm socks and a light windbreaker.
  • June is one of the rainiest seasons of the month, and sudden thunderstorms are common. Pack a reliable umbrella in case one of these surprises you during a stroll or picnic.
  • Bring both closed-toed and open-toed shoes.. On hot days or excursions to the park you'll appreciate the open-toed pair, but you'll need a good, comfortable pair of walking shoes too, especially since visits to Paris usually involve lots of walking.
  • Think about packing a hat or visor and other sun gear for sunny days when you wish to spend time lazing in one of Paris' best parks and gardens.

Browse Travel Deals and Book Your Trip

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