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Paris by Month: Weather, Packing Guides, and Events Calendars

Paris in the springtime may be the stuff of songs, but every month in this exciting city has something to offer. Here you'll find month-by-month guides to visiting the city of light, including weather outlook, what to pack, and events calendars to help you make the most of your stay.
  1. April in Paris (2)
  2. August in Paris (2)
  3. December in Paris (4)
  4. February in Paris (2)
  5. January in Paris (2)
  6. July in Paris (2)
  7. June in Paris (2)
  8. March in Paris (2)
  9. May in Paris (2)
  10. November in Paris (3)
  11. October in Paris (2)
  12. September in Paris (2)

Guide to Weather in Paris
Need information on average weather trends in Paris, month by month? You've come to the right place.

In Photos: Springtime Scenes in Paris
Traveling to Paris in the springtime, or simply wish to dream about it? Get inspired by taking a look at this gallery of pictures of springtime in Paris.

In Pictures: Fall Scenes in Paris
Need inspiration for an upcoming fall trip to Paris? Browse our pictures of autumn in Paris and see how the city takes on a contemplative, poetic quality during the fall months.

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