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Jane Club in Paris (formerly WAGG)

Get Down, Pure and Simple

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Whether your goal is to dance the weekly grind away or simply to sample the Parisian night scene during a short trip, the Jane Club (formerly the WAGG) on rue Mazarine is a Paris bar and club that's worth a visit. The club specializes in theme nights such as 80s nostalgia, electro-funk, and jazz.

Please note that since the following review was published, the club (then called the WAGG) changed ownership. Our contributors have not returned since, so some of the information featured below may no longer be up-to-date.

The Lowdown



  • Easy-going crowd
  • Fun mix of disco, funk and soul
  • Generous-sized dance floor
  • Good ventilation system


  • Lacks places to sit
  • Can get overcrowded
  • Late arrival preferable


Located in the chic St Germain dès Près district, the club, formerly the Rock 'n' Roll Circus and the Whisky a Go-Go, gained notoriety as the place where Doors frontman Jim Morrison is thought to have spent his last hours in July 1971.


Practical Info


  • Address: 62, rue Mazarine
  • Tel.: +33 (0) 1 55 42 22 00
  • Metro: Odéon (lines 10 & 4)
  • Hours: Thursday to Saturday (11 p.m.-6 a.m.) Sunday (3p.m. - 12a.m.)
  • Cover charge: 10-15 Euros (approx. $13-$20). Cover charge includes drink on Sunday. Free before midnight.
  • Drinks: Cocktails, vodka, champagne. 8-15 Euros (approx. $10.50-$20) for cocktails; up to 150 Euros (approx. $197) for bottles
  • Dress code: smart casual to formal
  • Crowd: 20-35; hip
  • Music: Eclectic: theme nights include '80s, electro, jazz.
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Visit the website


Our Review (of the WAGG days)


The WAGG rewards early revelers by offering free entry before midnight. A group of friends and I decide to take advantage of this, and we find ourselves among the sparse crowd at 11:30 p.m.

Following the obligatory coat check, we head inside. We immediately notice the series of illuminated stone walled arches that run the length of the club. The decor is contemporary, with a functional combination of metal, glass, and leather, and the dance floor is spacious.

We quickly discover the motive for the free entry: the ambiance suggested by the flyer is nowhere in sight. A few lone souls are on the dance floor, and making a beeline to the bar is not exactly a feat since there is no crowd to push against.

Drinking and Lounging


There are a limited number of tables scattered around the dance floor. Most of these appear reserved, so we stay at the bar and order vodka and orange (10/approx. $13) and cosmopolitans (12/approx.$16). The casually-dressed bar staff take care over the cocktail preparation and impressively balance champagne flutes on their heads to entertain the expectant early-comers.

Not quite ready to face a still-vacant dance floor, we move to an unoccupied table which we're quickly informed is reserved for VIPs. After a little probing, we discover that becoming a VIP at the WAGG is not that difficult: purchase a bottle of spirits from the bar and you're booked a table (and VIP status) for the night.

Bottles will set you back between 125 and 150 Euros (approx. $164-$197). While this is a pricey, not to mention lethal, option for two, add a few more friends into the equation and you've got yourself a deal.

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