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Even the toughest skeptic would be charmed by Paris after sunset. Though less frantic than its counterparts in New York or Madrid, Paris nightlife is legendary-and for good reason. Come here to find out the best spots for nightowls, from Paris bars and clubs to music venues and theatres.
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Le Moulin Rouge Cabaret
About.com Paris Travel Contributor Aedin MacDevitt gives her lively account of a night out at the legendary (if deliciously cliche) Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris.

Best Paris Nightlife Districts
A guide to the top districts for Paris nightlife and partying in Paris, including Bastille, Oberkampf, the Marais, and the Champs-Elyses.

Frommer's Guide to Paris Nightlife
The world-famous Frommer's travel guide offers helpful resources on Paris nightlife, including information on theater, music, bars and clubs, and other after-dark distractions.

Time Out Paris Guide
Time Out Paris's online guide includues succinct and helpful sections on Paris theater, movie theaters, and other arts-related nightlife.

Top Traditional Paris Cabarets
Ah, the traditional Paris cabaret. A show that has little to do with contemporary Parisian culture and everything to do with nostalgia, a good heaping of kitschy fun and a love for longstanding erotic codes. You won't, admittedly, find many Parisians lined up to catch a show at one of these places. But if you're hankering for French can-cans,...

Paris Show and Cabaret Reviews
Have you experienced a fabulous or flat Paris show or cabaret? Share your review of a Paris show or cabaret with thousands of readers at About.com Paris Travel.See submissions

Are Anti-Noise Regulations Turning Paris Into the City of Sleep?
Recent anti-noise regulations are getting partyers in Paris down. Learn all about the recent regulations and how it affects nightlife revelry in Paris.

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