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How to budget your trip to Paris, handle currency exchange, and get the most for your money.

How to Handle Money in Paris
This guide answers frequently-asked questions about handling money while visiting Paris, France, including tips on using credit and debit cards, ATM machines, traveler's checks, as well as tipping guides and ways to avoid common money hassles on your Paris vacation.

Getting Euros in France: DOs and DONT's
Tips on how-- and how not to-- convert your currency to Euros during your stay in Paris. From About France for Visitors.

Paris on a Budget
Mark Kalher, guide to the About Budget Travel page, gives some solid advice on how to plan for a Paris vacation that's compatible with your budget.

Visiting Paris on a Budget
Are you visiting Paris on a tight budget? Get loads of tips on how to enjoy the city of light to the fullest, even if you're visiting Paris on a budget.

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