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In Pictures: Chinese New Year in Paris 2013


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Feting the Year of the Snake in the 13th
Performers at the Chinese New Year parade in Paris.

Traditional performers bear bright red costumes at the 2013 parade.

Rog01/Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons license.
Referred to as "Little Asia", Paris's 13th arrondissement (district), nestled on the city's southern tip, is home to Europe’s largest Asian community, including a large Franco-Chinese one. So when Chinese New Year comes along, locals of all stripes make sure to ring it in with a bang! The main Chinese New Year parade here was no exception in 2013, with the wintery February sun shining bright over Avenue D’Ivry, and spectators from all over the city coming out in big numbers to enjoy the colorful costumes, festivities, and more. Click through to see more images from the Year of the Water Snake in the city of light.

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