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Guide to Paris Transportation

Getting to and Around the City of Light


Need help planning how to get to Paris, learning about ground transport options from the airport, using public transportation in the city of light, or choosing bus or boat tours? Welcome to your go-to guide for Paris transportation.

Getting to Paris: Options for Travel to the City of Light

Passengers in Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris
Andrew Holt/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
Use this guide to learn about all your options for travel, get acquainted with Paris airports and train stations, and book flights, train or Eurostar tickets to Paris online.

Getting to Paris from the Airport: Ground Transport Options

The Paris commuter train system, also known as the RER, is one way of getting into the Paris city ce
©2006 Denis Paris. Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons License.

There are several ways to get to Paris's city center from Charles de Gaulle/Roissy and Orly airports. Learn all about your different ground transport options here. Wondering whether it's worth it to take a taxi to and from Paris airports? Read more here.

Using Public Transportation in Paris: Metro, RER, Buses and Tramways

©2006 Omar Omar. Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons License.
Paris has one of the world's most efficient public transportation systems, with metro trains, buses and tramways running with remarkable speed and reliability. However, the metro and bus system in particular can be confusing, and public transport in the city of light isn't always as accessible to visitors with limited mobility as you'd want it to be. Get a sense of what to expect and learn how to navigate the Paris metro like a pro.

Bus Tours of Paris

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Visiting Paris for the first time, or worried that taking public transport will be too taxing? Consider taking one of Paris's popular hop-on, hop-off bus tours, which give you a good overview of the top Paris sights and attractions while providing flexibility to walk around, stop for lunch or lingering at a favorite spot.

Renting a Car in Paris

Is it worthwhile to rent a car in Paris, or do the disadvantages outweigh the benefits? Learn all about Paris car rentals and where to book here.

Touring Paris by Boat

©2006 Courtney Traub.
Many of Paris' historical sites of note are situation along the Seine River-- making a boat tour a memorable way to get acquainted with the city.

Velib' Bike Rental Scheme

Bikes parked at a Velib' station in Paris.
LWY/Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons license.
Since 2007, you can rent a bike at some 1,800 self-service stations around Paris with a swipe of your credit card, and return it to any of the stations when you're done. Bike lovers, learn more about how to use the Velib' scheme.
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