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Getting Around Paris: Orientation and Transport

Paris can make you dizzy at first, with its spiraling neighborhood layout and its maze-like metro lines. But getting oriented is easier than it looks! Find all the info you need on Paris neighborhoods, metro and bus, tourist offices, and much more here.
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Paris Basics: Overview of the World's Most Glamorous City
A Paris city profile covering basic Paris history, geography and orientation and providing practical information for visitors.

What is the "Rive Gauche" in Paris?
What exactly does the "Rive Gauche" (Left Bank) in Paris refer to? Find a succinct definition of area of Paris known as the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) at this page, along with suggestions on what to see and do in the area.

What is the "Rive Droite" in Paris?
What exactly does the "Rive Droite" (Right Bank) in Paris refer to? Find a succinct definition of area of Paris known as the Rive Droite (Right Bank) at this page, along with suggestions on what to see and do in the area.

Paris Tourist Office - Welcome Centers for Tourists Around the City
A guide to Paris tourist offices and welcome centers, which provide information and special offers to visitors.

How to Use a Paris Street Map
Want to learn how to use a Paris Street Map? The Parisian way is really the easiest. Tips on how to get around in no time using the locals' favorite maps.

Are Paris Car Rentals Worth the Trouble?
Wondering whether it's worthwhile to invest in a Paris car rental? Need to find a Paris car rental that's compatible with your budget and travel needs? Find out whether your trip to Paris may require a car rental and where to head to find a suitable vehicule.

What's the Boulevard Périphérique in Paris?
Le Boulevard Périphérique is a beltway road and Paris' main freeway/highway, winding around the Paris city limits in a loop shape. Known to Parisians as simply "Le Périph", the Boulevard Périphérique is one of the busiest highways in Europe and is well-known for its traffic jams and confusing signs.

Taking a Taxi to and From Paris Airports: Is it Worth It?
Wondering whether to take a taxi to or from the airport in Paris? Consult this guide to help you decide if taking a taxi to or from Paris airports is the best option for you, and find out how much on average you should expect to pay for a ride in a taxi to Paris airports or into the city.

Paris Welcome Centers: Official Site
The official site for Paris' tourist welcome centers. Colorful pages give details on transport, attractions, dining, lodging, and goings-on around town. Free virtual tours of Paris, too.

Paris Layout : Map and Descriptions
A useful overview of how Paris neighborhoods are laid out, with short descriptions of each arrondissement.

Paris Orientation Bike Tours
This 4-hour Paris bike tour is designed to help you get oriented with the city and its most noteworthy sights.

Are Public Toilets in Paris Decent?
It may be the city of love and glamor, but Paris has a reputation for ghastly toilets and restrooms. What about the public toilets in Paris? In the past few years the city has installed dozens of self-cleansing, free public restrooms around town. Learn why they may be a more pleasant alternative to using the restrooms at cafes and restaurants in...

Share Your Paris Toilet Horror Stories
Paris toilets and restrooms are notorious for their uncleanliness, and nearly everyone seems to come back from the city of light with stories of the most (unpleasantly) memorable restroom experiences. Share your Paris toilet horror stories here and read what others have to say.

Complete Guide to Paris Bikes (Velib')
Learn all about how to rent a bike in Paris using the city scheme known as Velib'.

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