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Memorial Leclerc/Musee Jean Moulin Visitors' Guide


French Resistance leader Jean Moulin in 1941.

French Resistance leader Jean Moulin in 1941.

Keystone/Hulton Archive (Getty Images)

Memorial Leclerc/Musee Jean Moulin Overview:

The most recent of Paris' municipal museums, the Leclerc Memorial/ Musée Jean Moulin was inaugurated in 1994 as a tribute to two key figures of the French resistance against Nazi occupation during WWII, Marshall Leclerc and Jean Moulin. The museum, whose permanent collection is free for all visitors, renders this dark period in French history accessible to visitors via chronological images, extensive archives and multimedia presentations. The occupation and liberation of Paris are reconstituted in vivid images.

Memorial Leclerc/Musee Jean Moulin Location and Contact Information:

The monument-museum is located in Paris' 14th arrondissement (district), in close reach of the modern area of Montparnasse..

23, Allée de la 2e DB - Jardin Atlantique (just above the SNCF train station at Montparnasse). From the TGV station, take the stairs from platform n. 3 at left. From the street, cross the garden from place des cinq Martyrs du Lycée Buffon

Metro: Montparnasse-Bienvenue
Tel : +33 (0)1

Visit the official website (in French only)

Memorial Leclerc/Musee Jean Moulin Opening Hours and Tickets:

Open: Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-6pm. Ticket office closes at 5:45 pm. Closed Mondays and French public holidays.

Tickets: Admission to the permanent collections and displays is free of charge for all visitors. Entry prices vary for temporary thematic exhibits exploring different aspects of WWII in France and the Resistance movement: call ahead. Entry to temporary shows is free for visitors under 14.

Nearby Sights and Attractions:

Highlights of the Permanent Exhibit at the Memorial Leclerc/Musee Jean Moulin:

The permanent collection at the "Memorial-Museum" is dedicated to the lives and actions of Jean Moulin and Marshall Leclerc, who played instrumental roles in the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation of France (in the north) and the pro-fascist government of southern France headed by the Marechal Pétain.

The museum's main exhibit offers a chronological look at the two men and their efforts retraces the context of World War II and shows the complexity of the French Occupation. From Paris to Vichy, the seat of Petain's collaborationist government, visitors are plunged into the history of the era and the collective and individual events that shaped it.

Another section contains more personal objects belonging to Moulin or Leclerc or relating to the Occupation: clandestine tracts and newspapers, coded messages, and personal effects, as well as propagandist posters from Vichy. Multimedia presentations include testimonials and videos.

A separate room is dedicated to the 1944 Liberation of Paris: 14 screens show images of occupied Paris, actions of resistance by inhabitants of the city, and finally events leading up to and culminating in the Liberation.

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