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Paris Food and Dining - Top Picks

Need quick advice on the best Paris gourmet restaurants, budget restaurants, vegetarian eateries, or bakeries? You'll find the bottom line on the top spots to train your palate in Paris on this page.

Paris Food and Dining Guide
A complete Paris food and dining guide for visitors, pointing you to the best places to eat out, nibble or stock up on gourmet items in Paris, France. From restaurants to gourmet foodshops and outdoor farmers' markets in the city of light, you'll find something suitable for your budget and tastes in our information-packed Paris food and dining...

Top Gourmet Restaurants in Paris
Contributor Aedin Mac Devitt gives the lowdown on Paris' top gourmet restaurants: high gastronomic establishments which have earned up to three Michelin stars for exceptional creative cuisine and service.

Budget French Restaurants in Paris
A guide to ten of the best budget French restaurants in Paris, offering quality and tradition at modest prices.

What are your favorite budget restaurants in Paris?
Readers of About.com Paris Travel weigh in on the city's best budget restaurants.

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Paris
Contributer Aedin Mac Devitt's guide to Paris' best vegetarian and vegan restaurants and eateries.

Most Romantic Paris Restaurants and Dining Options
Planning a trip to Paris with someone special? Check out our at-a-glance-guide to the most romantic dinners and restaurants in Paris. Paris has plenty of romantic restaurants to choose from, but booking ahead is always recommended.

Top Wine Bars in Paris
Looking for a good wine bar in Paris? About.com Paris Travel Contributor Jacob Kleinman proffers a list of the best wine bars the city has to offer-- places where you can not only enjoy an excellent glass of wine, but savor it with delicious cheeses, charcuteries or small plates.

Top Japanese Restaurants and Grocers in Paris
Looking for great Japanese cuisine-- or grocery items-- in Paris? About.com Paris Travel Contributor Colette Davidson offers her expertise on the best Japanese restaurants and groceries in Paris around Rue Saint Anne, the city's primary little Tokyo.

Best Bakeries in Paris
About.com Paris for Visitors Contributor Aedin Mac Devitt gives her picks for the best bakeries in Paris, where some of the city's most delicious baguettes, breads, or artisan pastries can be sampled.

Complete Guide to Paris Food Markets
Many Parisians abstain from buying fresh produce, cheese, meat and fish from their corner supermarket, and for good reason: traditional Paris food markets count in the dozens, with several open one or more days a week in every neighborhood.

Best Gourmet Paris Supermarkets and Delis
A succinct guide to the city's "creme de la creme" luxury food supermarkets and delis, with coveted addresses including including Lafayette Gourmet and La Grande Epicerie at Bon March.

Paris Chocolate Shops
A guide to the best Paris chocolate shops, where artisan chocolatiers concoct the very finest cocoa-based delicacies-- and add a distinct artistic flair to their creations.

Best Hot Chocolate in Paris

When it's icy and forbidding out and lazy lets-just-sit-around-and-hibernate instincts kick in, you might consider staking out some of the best hot chocolate Paris has to offer.

Without further ado, here's where to find some of the best hot chocolate in Paris.

Your Favorite Places for Hot Chocolate in Paris
Readers of About.com Paris Travel share reviews of their favorite places for hot chocolate in Paris, France. See submissions

Top Paris Restaurant Picks from About French
About French Guide Laura K. Lawless offers her top picks for dining in Paris.

Best Macarons in Paris
If you're looking to find the best macarons in the city of light (and I'm not referring to the American coconut cookie, but to the airier, lighter French version), look no further. Here's a list of the best macaron makers in Paris.

Best Falafel in Paris
Craving a good falafel? Paris, strangely, has some of the best in the world. Find out where to find a delicious and naturally vegan street treat in the city of light. These are our favorites.

Best Paris Pastry Shops (Patissiers)
Paris is home to some of the world's most divine pastries, from pain au chocolat and croissants to eclairs and tortes. Consult our list of some of the best patissiers here.

Best Ice Cream and Gelato in Paris
Ice cream and gelato are year-round staples in Paris, and some shops are purveyors of heavenly stuff. Find out where to head for some of the best.

Best Crepes and Creperies in Paris
Crepes and galettes are a quintessential French treat, so find out where to find some of the best in Paris here.

Concept Coffee Bars in Paris
Cafes in Paris have always been more about ambiance than impeccable brewing practices, but as Contributor Kaitlin Davella details, the advent of gourmet coffee bars in the city are shaking things up.

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