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The 2014 Paris Gay Pride March


One of the many floats at Paris Gay Pride.

One of the many floats at Paris Gay Pride.

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One of the Globe's Liveliest Pride Parades:

Paris Gay Pride has become one of the city's most coveted yearly festivals, each June drawing tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people into the streets of Paris for a lively, colorful street party celebrating diversity.

While the LGBT Pride Parade ("Marché des Fiertés" in French) is an opportunity for LGBT organizations to draw attention to key issues affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals, and celebrate newly acquired rights such as the right for same-sex couples to marry (in France), Paris Gay Pride is never a solemn march. This is a strikingly giddy event that brings together Parisians of all stripes, and not to be missed.

2014 Paris Gay Pride Parade Details:

Paris Gay Pride 2014 will take place on Saturday, June 28th, kicking off from the Luxembourg RER (commuter train) station at approximately 2:00 pm, slowly winding across south Paris, over the Seine River, and onto the Place de la Republique by around 4 or 4:30 pm, where a traditional dance party starts. See the official route here

Partying often spills into the very queer-friendly Marais district, where cafes, bars and clubs often offer dinner and drink specials for the "fete". Check out our guide to the best gay, lesbian, and LGBT-friendly bars and clubs in Paris for a shortlist of great spots to party till the wee hours of morning.

More Information on Gay Pride 2014:


Pictures of LGBT Paris Pride in Past Years:

Great pictures of the 2010 Paris Gay Pride event can be viewed on Flickr.

More GLBTQ/Gay and Lesbian Events in Paris:

Check out our guide to the best gay and lesbian Paris events for an overview of what's on in Paris every year.

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