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Valentine's Day in Paris

Where Prospects for Romance Seem Limitless


Valentine's Day in a chocolate shop
hinnosaar/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

If you're lucky enough to be planning Valentine's Day in Paris with someone you love, you're not likely to come away disappointed. The city of light seems to be synonymous with romance, so finding things to do for this special occasion shouldn't prove too difficult. But planning ahead is essential, as couples naturally flock here to celebrate on February 14th. Here are some ideas to help you have a truly memorable Valentine's Day in Paris.

Top Romantic Things to do in Paris

Leading up to your special Valentine's Day outing in Paris, read up on the most romantic Paris attractions. The guide leads you directly to romance-drenched Paris sights and activities, parks and gardens, restaurants and shows.

Valentine's Day Special Travel Offers

Search for current couple's packages to Paris at Expedia (book direct). You can also check this e-bookers page regularly for updates on special travel packages to Paris for Valentine's day this year.

Valentine's Day Dinner Cruises and Cabarets

What could beat a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine river, or a dinner and traditional Paris cabaret show for a spicier night out? Check this page for current deals.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Paris has more shops and department stores per square foot than nearly anywhere in the world. If you want to offer someone special a unique gift for Valentine's Day, you should have no trouble finding it in Paris.
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