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Celebrating New Year's Eve in Paris

Getting the Party Started: New Year's Eve 2012-2013 in Paris


New Year's Eve Shows and Cabarets
  • New Year's Eve at the Moulin Rouge is a classic, albeit extremely pricey, way to celebrate the New Year in Paris. At an exorbitant 700 Euros (approx. $945) per person in 2013-2014, the evening includes a caviar, lobster, and champagne dinner, dancing and music with the Moulin Rouge Orchestra, and a post-midnight show designed especially for the New Year. The evening is topped off with a surprise gift for each person attending.
    For information and reservations: Visit the Moulin Rouge website
  • Lido is another classic Paris cabaret offering a special New Year's Eve dinner and show-- again, at an exorbitant per-head rate. Located on the Champs-Elysees, the Lido New Year's Eve show may include a bottle of champagne, lobster dinner, champagne, specially-choreographed show, and post-midnight festivities. The price per person for 2013/2014 is a whopping 680 Euros.
    Click here for information and reservations

Dancing and Clubbing

If your primary New Year's goal is to dance the night away, there are scores of Paris clubs you can hit for the occasion. Check out our guide to the best nightclubs in Paris, or peruse links to some of these spots reputed for New Year's Eve partying and after-partying in Paris:

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