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Events in Paris

Interested in finding out what's going on in Paris during your stay there? Find seasonal info here on festivals, exhibits, conventions, concerts, and more.
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Top Free Events in Paris
Steeped in a proud tradition of "culture for all" and "art for art's sake", Paris hosts plenty of free, often elaborate, and always imaginative yearly events. Some are ultra-arty, while others are just fun. Without further ado, here are the cream of the crop among free Paris events.

Best Summer Festivals in Paris
Summertime in Paris has gained a reputation for being a bit of an alternative reality, with its huge slowdown in business as usual and heady outdoor culture. One major part of that culture, of course, are summer festivals-- and in Paris there are a constant stream of these. From rock festivals and semi-improvised street music performances to...

Sun, Sand, and Fun on the Seine at Paris Plages (Paris Beach)
Every summer in Paris since 2002, a full-fledged beach complete with sand, parasols, games, and even beachside cafes is set up on stretches of the Seine River. In 2007, a new site at La Villette opens, extending the Paris beach northward. "Paris Plage", as it is known in French, attracts millions of visitors a year and has become an essential...

Photos of Paris Seine-Side Beaches
In this photo gallery of Paris Plages (Paris Beach) 2007, get a glimpse of the fun ambiance at this much-appreciated summery event.

Paris for GLBTQ Visitors: Resources
GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer) visitors will find a wealth of resources here, including information on events such as Pride and the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

LGBT Pride Parade in Paris
The "Marche des Fiertes" is Paris's annual GLBTQ Pride event, and is attended by thousands of Parisians of all stripes. Learn more about this year's festivities here.

Paris Annual Events at a Glance
Many events in Paris are held on an annual or semiannual basis. Consult this handy overview of some of the city's best annual happenings.

Paris Tourist Office Events Calendar
The Paris Tourist Office events page offers extensive listings of seasonal exhibits, shows, trade fairs, and other events. The page also includes a handy section on how and where to purchase tickets.

Montmartre Vineyards Harvest
Each October, Parisians enjoy a wine harvest and festival known as les vendanges de Montmartre. Acclaimed food writer Clotilde Dusoulier gives her lively account of the festive wine-tasting event on this page.

Paris Fashion Week
Fashion aficionados might think about scheduling a trip to Paris during Paris Fashion Week. You may not get first-row seats at one of the haute couture events, but the excitement in the air and people-watching opportunities are worth the trip.

A Stroll on the Boardwalk at Paris Beach
Pictures of Paris Plage 2010, an annual free event in Paris that sees a full-fledged beach set up on the banks of the Seine River and in other locations in the city.

Top Paris Jazz Festivals
A guide to the top Paris jazz festivals held every year in the city, including the St-Germain-des-Pres Jazz Festival and Banlieues Bleues.

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