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2012 Christmas and Holiday Decorations in Paris


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A Cheerful Return to Light
Christmas tree on Place de la Concorde in 2012.
Photo credit: Nickelodeon/Mairie de Paris.
Every year around mid-November, Paris lights up in what seems like a sudden burst, as Christmas and holiday lights and window decorations get switched on all around the city. Many of the major shopping districts in Paris in particular go all out with holiday displays to draw in tourists and locals alike, and, of course, get people to come in and shop.

Some of the most impressive holiday lights and displays can be found on the Champs-Elysées, as well as Paris’ biggest and most popular department stores.

Pictured on this page is a shot of Place de la Concorde in Paris, decorated with a festive and elegant Christmas tree. Concorde is just a skip and a jump away from the glimmering lights and Christmas market on the nearby "Champs", so it can be a good place to start if you want to venture out for a festive stroll. Also make sure to see our guide to Christmas lights in Paris in 2012 for a more complete list of where you can soak up a little holiday cheer.

Click through to see our 2012 gallery of Christmas and holiday decorations in Paris, from Christmas markets to ice-skating rinks and light-decked trees. And if you want still more inspiration, check out our Paris holiday window displays from past years.

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