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Banlieues Bleues Paris Jazz Festival


Jazz group Sweetback performing at Banlieues Blues in 2009.

Jazz group Sweetback performing at Paris jazz festival Banlieues Blues in 2009.

Mateo de la Vega/Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons License.

Jazz Performers Working Magic Just Outside Paris:

Jazz fans visiting Paris might instinctively attempt to track the ghosts of greats like Dizzy Gillespie or Django Reinhardt at some of the city's more classical jazz clubs, but the contemporary pulse of jazz-- with the exception of edgier clubs like New Morning-- is mostly now found in the northern suburbs. The Paris jazz festival dubbed Banlieues Bleues takes the northern towns of St Denis, Pantin and others by storm every year in the early spring, proffering a dizzying program of jazz talents from around the world. All genres, from Afro-Cuban rhythms, New Orleans style, to acid and experimental, are represented.

2014 Program Overview:

The 2014 Banlieue Bleues Jazz Festival is on from March 14th through April 11th and features a full roster of performances from fresh and established artists from around the globe, including Kahlil El'Zabar, L'intuition Vincent Curtois - Michael Ackerman, Andre Minvielle, and Charles Tolliver Music Inc. 

Reserving Tickets and Participating Venues:


When: March 14th through April 11th, 2014.
Tickets: Tickets for single concerts are 10-20 Euros in 2014. If you want to see several shows, consider a "Pass Festival" card, good for entry to four performances of your choice for 20 Euros, then a reduced price for additional shows.
To Reserve: E-mail bb@banlieuesblues.org or call +33 (0)1 49 22 10 10 to debit your card immediately. Reservations are highly recommended as shows sell out fast. You can also reserve online here (In French, browse concerts and click "Reservez" to book).
Locations: Various locations around the Seine-St-Denis region-- see more below.

2014 Locations and Full Program:

This year's festival takes place at 20 different venues across the Seine-St-Denis region, making up several towns in Paris' northern suburbs. Main metro/RER stations include Aubervilliers - Pantin - Quatre Chemins, Porte de Pantin and Stade de France/St Denis. To get oriented, visit the welcome center at La Dynamo, located at 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand in Pantin (Metro Aubervilliers-- Line 7).

2014 Program Details and Venues

To view the full program and list of venues for this year's festival, visit this page at the official website. The program is exclusively in French, unfortunately, but you can find information on the show's location by clicking on the pink "en savoir +" links below each show description. The main program is also detailed below. For more information on venue locations and to buy tickets and passes, contact the festival by email at bb@banlieuesblues.org or call +33 (0)1 49 22 10 10.


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