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Paris Cinema Film Festival


Celluloid in Paris: What Better?:

Held every summer, the Paris Cinema International Film Festival brings the magic of celluloid to the city with a vibrant international film competition showing off talents from directors around the globe, a separate focus on contemporary and classic French cinema, debates, workshops, parties and special events. In addition, many of the winning films from the Cannes Film Festival are screened at Paris Cinema, giving those of us not privy to the red carpets down south to get in on the excitement. Cinephiles visiting Paris in the summer should make sure to mark their calendars for this exciting event.

Paris Cinema Film Festival 2012: Dates and Program:

When: June 29th-July 10th, 2012
Where: Various venues around Paris. Visit this page for participating venues and to learn how to buy tickets.

Paris Cinema 2012: Program Highlights:

On June 29th at the Forum des Images cinema, the festival opens with a screening of Andrè Sauvage's 1928 film "Études Sur Paris." Restored for the first time, the film poetically captures the streets of Paris during the 1920's. Detroit-born techno DJ Jeff Mills has composed a soundtrack that will accompany the silent film.

The festival will also hold its 10th annual international film competition, where along with a panel of professional jury members and film students, the public will also be able to vote for their favorite of eight feature-length films in competition.

Previews and Restorations

In addition to advance premieres of the films "Rock of Ages," "Dark Horse," and "Jane Eyre," there will also be a screening of this year's Palme d'Or at Cannes, "Amour." "Violeta," the story of the Chilean folk artist who became a celebrity for both her music and volcanic temperament will be presented on July 2, followed by a concert featuring the late singer's work sung by Chilean musician Ángel Parra. The program also includes a dozen newly restored films, including Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus," Billy Wilder's "The Apartment," and John Cassavetes' "Gloria."

Festival Paris Cinema will also be honoring Hong Kong cinema. With more than 80 films spanning from the early 1950's to the present, viewers will be regaled by films from directors such as Ann Hui, Patrick Tam, Allen Fong, and Yuen Wo Ping.

The festival will close on July 9th with a viewing of "Je Me Suis Tout Petit," starring Vanessa Paradis, followed by a ceremony announcing the winner of the international competition.

Outside the Theaters

On the evening of July 7th, Le 104 community art and performance space will be hosting an outdoor party. Beginning with a montage of famous movie scenes projected onto a large screen, the showing will be followed by a DJ-fueled dance party.

The weekend of July 7-8 will also feature a cinema-themed "brocante". Pulling in more than 10,000 visitors per day over the past three years, the merchandise ranges from old reviews and photos to film props.

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