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Nuit des Musées (Museum Night) in Paris


The Centre Pompidou opens its permanent collection on Paris Museum Night.

The Centre Pompidou opens its permanent collection of contemporary art on Paris Museum Night.

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Explore Paris' Great Collections...for Free:

Part of a wider event that sees cities across Europe open their major museums and galleries for free one night a year, Les Nuits des Musées (Paris Museum Night) falls every year in mid-May. Nearly 200 participating museums, galleries and monuments like the Archaeological Crypt at Notre-Dame Cathedral waive their entry fees for a night and stay open until around 1 am.

If you're a museum and gallery aficionado, make sure to reserve some time during a May visit to Paris for this convivial, edifying event.

Paris Museum Night 2011 Practical Details:

When: Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Where: 192 museums and galleries in Paris, including the Musée du Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Centre Georges Pompidou/Museum of Modern Art, Carnavalet Museum, Rodin Museum, City of Science and Industry (great for younger enthusiasts), and National Archives.

Find a museum, gallery or monument event: Learn more about the Paris Museum Night 2011 program and highlights by referring to this document at the official event website (in English).
Cost: Free entry for all

How to Make the Most of Paris Museum Night:

  • You can avoid the densest crowds by heading to your chosen museums in the early evening (during traditional dinner hours) or after midnight. The busiest hours are generally just before dinner (5-7 pm) and from 8pm-11pm.

  • Metro cars and buses will probably be overcrowded near the end of the evening, so if you can, plan to take a nice stroll back to your hotel or apartment. Bringing along a good paris street map is advisable.

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